Is there any possible to open a zt item out from zt using an application protocol?

just like what evernote and onenote did:


so that i can paste the link to my note and open the zotero file directly by clicking link in my note
  • Yes, you can generate zotero://select links (to select items in your Zotero library) with the Zutilo plugin.
  • thank you very much! it helps!.

    however it looks like can only generate the link itself, without any title info and i have to modify it to a hyper link myself.

    is there any possible for me to custom my own hyperlink style? thank you very much
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    @dstillman It might be a naive question but is there a way to make the the zotero links in a way that its recognized by applications as link. I gues creating html wrap "<_a href="zotero://group....</a>) " would do the job or? Can I get something like that out from Zutilo? Zotfile creats such link in the extracted annotation...Am i missing something?
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