Zotero froze on 'loading items'

Please help! = /
My Zotero library is not syncing and seems to be frozen on 'loading items' for the whole library.


Thank you
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    database disk image is malformed
    Your database is corrupted, which generally happens from having your Zotero data directory in a cloud storage folder or network drive. You appear to have moved your data directory into the Documents folder, so if you're syncing Desktop & Documents via iCloud, you should immediately move it back to the default location. You should never store the data for any database-backed program in cloud storage.

    You can try to fix the damage with the DB Repair Tool. If that doesn't work, and your data is all online, you can just delete the zotero.sqlite file (or move it somewhere temporarily for backup) with Zotero closed and then reopen Zotero and sync to pull down your library.
  • This is so strange, I did not do this change purposefully. Maybe done automatically during a mac update?
    Was definitely not my intention to move the folder because I actually use Zotero could storage.
    What is zotero's folder default location?
  • No, this is a custom data directory location. You would've had to have done this manually.

    The default directory is just "Zotero" in your home directory, as explained on the data directory page I linked to above.
  • = S
    Wow, this is very strange, I don't recall doing this change.
    so how to I bring it back? just drag and drop where it is stated on the data directory page?
    meaning: for macOS /Users//Zotero

    I'm sorry for my ignorance, I'm not that computer savvy and don't want to make things worse

  • First, make a backup of all zotero.sqlite* files in your data directory.

    Then close Zotero and move the Zotero directory back into the home directory so that it's at /Users/:username:/Zotero. When Zotero starts up, it will notice that the directory isn't at the custom location and offer to use the default.

    You can then use the DB Repair Tool to try repair the database, or you can try swapping in one of the backup databases.
  • Thank you so much for your help!!!!
    Sees to have worked!
    = )
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