Advanced Search and Tag Search Combined?

I have a (hopefully not yet posed) question concerning the search function in zotero.
Searching with the option "everything" allows me to search for keywords inside attached pdfs.
What I would like to do is to further differentiate the list of results using the tag structure.
If the keyword isn't part of the parent item, the latter will be greyed out and only the correspondent child item is highlighted.
But since the tags are only connected to the parent items, they couldn't be addressed if the parent item is greyed out.
Is there still a way to combine the "advanced" search within pdfs with the tag search?
  • Are you looking for a match to both the tag and the PDF text, or a match to items having at least one or the other?
  • I am looking for a way to first search for a string in the "everything" search and then to further differentiate the results through the tag selector.
    The problem occurs when the searched term only appears within pdfs (not tagged child items) and not within the tagged parent items. In this case the search results (greyed out parent items) are shown with an empty tag selector.
  • In Advanced Search, search for Attachment Content contains the keyword.

    Then filter on the tags.
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