Using various quick copy formats

I am frequently switching quick copy between APA/Bibtex formats. Is there any way to have a quick copy shortcut for two different formats?
  • With the Zutilo plugin, you can set keyboard shortcuts for multiple quick copy formats.
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    I see it provides the functionality, but the UI is so bad I can't configure it correctly (it won't allow me to scroll down the User Interface tab). Is there a way to do it in about:config? For example, I would like to use ctrl+shift+c for the APA format quick copy, and ctrl+shift+b for the Bibtex quick copy.
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    I just found my answer in the readme from about Zutilo.

    QuickCopy items: Copy selected items to the clipboard using the "Default output format" specified in the "Export" section of Zotero's preferences. There are also two alternative QuickCopy items (labeled "alt 1" and "alt 2"). These items will copy to the clipboard using alternative export translators. To select the translators used by these functions, the corresponding preferences extensions.zutilo.quickcopy_alt1 and extensions.zutilo.quickcopy_alt2 must be set in the config editor. Each preference should be set to whatever appears in the config editor for the export.quickCopy.setting preference when the desired translator is set as the "Default output format" in Zotero's preferences. The config editor can be opened from the Advanced pane of Zotero's preferences window.
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    As someone who is using this feature often I would really like to see it implemented in a more straightforward way in the UI
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