Snapshoting a URL is not possible, result is 404


I have the problem that I wanted to save and snapshot the page I can click on the Zotero icon in Firefox and it tells me that everything seems to have succeeded.

By chance I opened the snapshot I just created and all it shows is a 404 error of
With this behavior it is not 100% safe to use Zotero as I always have to recheck if the snapshot is safed correctly. I assume there is some JavaScript magic happening here that causes the trouble. But this makes it more unreliable as I have another question: Who tells me that the snapshot is as it should be and no JS magic is loading the main part from the original server? I fear I save some page and at some later point I want to revisit the snapshot. If the upstream page has been altered by then and the snapshot loads the major part of the page via JS, my snapshot is useless.

I assume the best I could get is a 1:1 clone of the current DOM tree at the moment of clicking on snapshot. Do I get that?

Can you tell me if there is a problem with my configuration or if this is just "bad luck"?

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