Inserting new citations in google docs deletes other citations

Working in google docs, using Zotero on windows and the zotero connector in Google Chrome. I'm part of a group who are trying to quickly edit a paper. Another author has inserted 5 citations, there's a bibliography where if I mouse over an entry it says "edit with Zotero". However, whenever I try and add a citation, my citation gets added but a subset of the other person's citations disappear (I think all the citations that were before the one I added go away, while all the citations after stay. I can then keep adding citations, with no problems. Any ideas what's going on here?
  • It's probably unrelated to adding a new citation. The previous citations are likely just unlinked, and you'd see the same thing if you clicked Refresh — it would generate the bibliography without the citations that were unlinked. I'm afraid you'll probably need to reinsert those citations. You might be able to figure out from the version history when the citations became unlinked.

    With Google Docs, the most likely cause of this is someone cutting/pasting citations without having the Zotero Connector installed. For safety, it's best to make sure that everyone editing the document has the extension installed.

    In an upcoming version, we're going to make it much clearer when a citation is unlinked so that you can catch it quickly if this does happen.
  • Ooooooh. I bet someone accepted a comment that changed the citation. Thanks for the incredibly prompt answer!
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