footnote - repeat same number

I would like to use references in footnote, such as with "Chicago Manual of Style(note)". When the same reference is present on the same page, the number is incremented and the reference repeated in the footnote (with only the authors name).

I would like that for the same reference on the same page, the number would not be incremented and the reference not added. Is there a style which would do that or a way to modify this?
  • That isn't possible -- not just not with Zotero, but Word/LibreOffice always increment footnotes (and that's how footnotes are intended to work).

    You can look at numeric styles (like Vancouver or Nature), which do repeat citation number in the text and then have a numbered bibliography in the back.
  • Use Word's "Cross-reference" feature to refer a second time to the same footnote on the page.
  • Thank you both! Even if it's not the answers I was hoping for, it is very clear.

    bwiernik, the workaround you proposed is a very good trick! To be used at the very end of writing because if quotes jumps from one page to the other it can become frustrating but it can be very useful.
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