BibLaTex citekey in vanilla Zotero

Hi everyone,

I want to ask if there any plans to integrate the BibLaTex citekey into the info-panel? By using the Better-BibTex for Zotero plugin it's possible to add the citekey there – I just find it a bit overkill to use an add-on for a single info field. Adding this would improve the usability for LaTex users a lot in my opinion.

Keep up the great work!

  • A citekey field is planned. You can also add it now to Extra like this:
    Citation Key: Key

    That will get picked up in BibTeX and BibLaTeX export.

    Better BibTeX does a lot more than add a field, though. If you are using Zotero with LaTeX or Markdown, you really do want to be using BBT and its versions of the BibTeX translators.
  • I added the display of the citekey at a fairly late stage, more as a gimmick than anything else :) citekey search is nice though.

    The field isn't really a field as you can't edit it; I tried to do that at one time but it led to a storm of updates as you typed in the field, and if you clicked away too fast the last edit might get lost. Getting the citekey to show there at all was incredibly tricky, as that part of the UI is redrawn very often zotero, so it's very much a moving target.
  • Thanks for all your replies! Then I guess I will keep using the Better BibTeX add-on.

    Just as a side note – my use case is not really searching for a citekey but rather inserting them to my LaTex document. It's much faster to copy-paste from Zotero than to search for that reference in the BibLaTex file.

    Thanks again!
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    You can also drag and drop or even cite as you write. You may also be interested in auto-export.
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