Zotero won't edit footnotes

edited 20 days ago
UPDATE: Apparently it now matters where I click in the citation? When I place my cursor after the final period in the footnote, it works as it should. I used to just click anywhere in the footnote (indicated by it turning gray). Is this an update to the software?

ID: 1384516054

Hi there,

Starting this morning, Zotero stopped allowing me to edit existing Zotero footnotes. When, per usual, I place my cursor in the footnote and then hit "Add/Edit Citation," Zotero prompts a NEW footnote rather than showing me the citations in the current footnote.

I'm running Windows 10, MS Word 2016.

Any guidance? Thanks in advance.
  • Does this happen in a new document?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for an instance where it works and another for an instance where it doesn't?
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