APA 6th edition Spanish

Does anyone know how to modify the APA 6th edition (basic) to Spanish language?
I have click "Spanish" in my Zotero preferences, but the citation for two authors is generated with "&" instead with "y".
Thank you,

  • Haven't checked the style, but you set the language of styles under "Document preferences" in Word in the Zotero pane, not in Zotero directly.
  • Hi, yes, I did change the preferences in Word, as you explained.
    However, the symbol to connect two authors in the same citation is always "&" instead of "y". Could this be a glitch of the APA 6th edition style?
  • Dear bwiernik,

    Would you tell what to do with this long code? How should I save the code into a Zotero style to apply to my bibliography? I am not familiar with programming. Thanks!
  • If you're using a current version of the Zotero Connector and have Zotero open, clicking the above link should offer to install the style into Zotero for you.

    If that's not happening, open Zotero and/or upgrade the Zotero Connector (which should happen automatically) or download the .csl file and install it manually from the Cite pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • Dear dstillman,

    Thanks a lot! It did work. I really appreciate it!
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