how to compare two Zotero-files (a cloud-based fuck-up)

So, I am using owncloud desktop application to store my Zotero sqlite file in the cloud. (Yes, I should have read the Documentation first.)

The Reasons: Back in the days, I had problems with the sync part of my library, probably because some items were to big. Actually, I dont really know, cause I found it difficult to find out the exact status of upload. In the process of writing this I discover that hovering over the sync button gives information on this, but still there are some things I dont get. (While I am reading documentation and crafting this entry, Zotero attempts to sync 12 files. For half an hour now. I have no clue why it takes so long, if its all of the unsynced etc, if the database file is synced and now its only the files going to webdav etc.)

The questions:
1) Owncloud desktop app sometimes does not work very well, produces conflicting items. I have a conflicting version of my sqlite file from march this year. I need a way to find out, if I added something to the library which is missing in my file, I work with. Any thoughts?

2) Is it just owncloud or any cloud service that may produce such a thing? As databases become bigger and more important, I (and indeed, some people) tend to have two or more copies of their file. Advice is needed if I should refrain from automated synchronisation with cloud services.

3) I use webdav function of Zotero to store my files. I forgot to turn of synchronisation of the Storage-folder through normal owncloud sync, which I now did. but two questions here:
3.1) How come that webdav-sync differs from cloud-sync of the files by 1/3 (11 GB to 17 GB)?
3.2) How come that certain files are to be found in my and others (most) are not?
  • You should absolutely not store the sqlite file in a cloud sync folder. If you haven't already, move your Zotero data directory out of that folder.

    You very likely have a corrupted database due to the cloud folder. Check your database integrity in the Advanced pane of Zotero preferences. Once your database is no longer corrupted, then we can troubleshoot your syncing problem.
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    Thank you, bwiernik. I have done that for multiple years now - not many problems occured. Anyhow, I am confused: Are you saying that both, sqlite file AND data directory should not be synced with a cloud sync service. I have excluded the whole Zotero folder now.

    Integrity check says that database is ok.

    Please proceed.
  • The sqlite file is in the data directory. No part of the data directory should be in a cloud folder. That will certainly lead to database corruption over time.

    To sync your database, use Zotero sync. What are you saying wasn’t working with Zotero sync?
  • Thank you, bwiernik.

    Please read number 3 in my first entry.

    And my questions number 1 is not answered. How to compare to versions of a database for entries that are only in one of them?
  • If you've been using Zotero syncing and auto-sync, you don't need to compare the databases — any items you added would've been uploaded and would be pulled down into your current database, as if they had been created on another computer.

    Zotero file syncing compresses files, so the uploaded files will take up less space.
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