Avast keeps detecting malware in a Zotero process

Threat name is Script-inf[susp]
Located inside a Zotero storage folder, in a file named backgrounds-sprite_002.

What can I do?
  • File is backgrounds-sprite_002.png
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    This just means a file in a snapshot of a webpage you saved to Zotero was flagged by Avast. Copy the 8-character folder name, paste it into the Zotero search bar in All Fields & Tags mode, delete the attachment that shows up, and empty the trash.
  • I did. I also removed the 8-character folder altogether from the storage folder. But the alert keeps showing up.
  • I can't help you with Avast, but if you actually delete the attachment item from Zotero and empty the trash, there's no way for the folder to be recreated, even if you sync.
  • Sorry to bother again it is strange as it seems the folder DID sync again. I removed it yesterday, both from the Zotero interface and directly in Finder, the whole folder. The 8-character folder does not show up again in Zotero results, but it reappears in Finder.
    Avast seems to trigger when I try to sync. Meanwhile I get an error report, reference is the following: 1221931972
  • It may just be another snapshot from the same site.

    There's nothing we can do here. Your only option is to delete the attachment associated with the folder in Zotero and empty the trash.

    If you get a conflict during a sync, be sure to choose the local, deleted version.

    You can also try deleting the attachment from your online library.
  • I am trying to find it in the online library, but how to recognize it as the whole item is already deleted in the local library? I don't know which file this would be online.
  • I cannot find the online item. (i thought i had and deleted it, but the problem is still happening)
    The folder is recreated locally just as I start syncing.
    Sync is blocked when avast blocks the file. But the error message is blank. Only a link to create a report. I do not have the option to choose the local file only.
  • Make sure you've emptied the trash. It's literally impossible for Zotero to recreate the folder if it no longer exists locally or online.
  • I did. So maybe it is still hiding somewhere online and I can't identify it.
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