Can't locate files

I'm trying to get Zotero to find the new file location of some files that have been moved around, which I've done a million times, but now when I click on "locate" it either does nothing or kicks me out of the program. Any ideas on what the problem is?
  • If it crashes it's unlikely we can do anything about that — that'd be something on your computer blocking Zotero from accessing the disk — but can you provide a Debug ID for it doing nothing?

    Are you trying to locate a stored file or a linked file?
  • I believe I'm trying to find a linked file. It's stored in my computer desktop, but I just made the link for it in Zotero
  • I recently had my computer sent away, and I added a lot of files on a different computer while it was gone. Sometimes I do get it to open and it says Zotero Cache, which I've never seen before...Not sure what that is about, but I can't seem to do anything with it
  • Sometimes I do get it to open and it says Zotero Cache, which I've never seen before
    I don't know what you mean by that. We need exact messages you see on screen in order to help you:

    And you haven't provided the debugging info I asked for above.

    But linked files also don't sync. If you want files you added on another computer to be accessible on this computer, you'd need to either use stored files or set up external syncing for your linked files and possibly use a Linked Attachment Base Directory to account for different paths on the different computers. If you use stored files, Zotero handles this all for you.
  • D73770246

    Above is the bug ID.
  • It's not clear to me what you're doing — I see an attempt to view an attachment that's missing's, but no attempt to relink it using the Locate button.

    Can you make a screen recording of what you're doing, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here?
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