Games as an Item Type?

Hi, I recently started using Zotero and was wondering if there's any way to either add custom item types or if there's official support for games (video, tabletop, XR, others).

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    Someone may have a better answer because I've not done this in many years. I've used the Zotero "software" type. I was using Vancouver style and I remember that I needed to do a bit of editing of the bibliography items (after removing the Zotero fields) to include all the information that seemed appropriate. [My report concerned issues of video game violence so I felt that it was appropriate to include the lead illustrator and effects leader among the creators, as the analysis included comments on the use of splashes of blood and gore. The report was for a gaming industry trade group and concerned a sociology/psychology/psychiatry literature review.]

    edit: apology for perhaps more information than necessary but I think that amount of metadata needed in the bibliography will depend on where you will be sending your manuscript.

    Someone can likely give better advice specific to the bibliographic style you will be using if you will reply with information concerning the target of your manuscript or report.
  • In terms of citation, games would generally be cited differently based on their format. For example, a video game would be cited like any other type of software. A table top game would generally be cited like a book. So, I would recommend storing video games and similar as Software and tabletop games as Book. You can indicate that these are games using tags.

    @DWL-SDCA You can add the illustrator as another author (“programmer”) or specify them as an illustrator in Extra like this:
    Illustrator: Last || First
  • I'll have to try that, thanks for the suggestions
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