RSS feed for Pubmed search only shows a single entry

Report ID: 885050818

When I add an RSS feed generated by Pubmed ( -> search -> "Create RSS") for a custom search to Zotero I only see a single entry for the feed although there are more search results. I tested a couple of RSS links also with Liferea and there I get the expected number of results, so it seems the problem is not due to the feed.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a Pubmed RSS feed, e.g. a search for "Cancer" generates the following RSS link:
2. Start Zotero.
3. Click on “New Feed" -> "From URL..."
4. Paste URL into URL field.
5. Click "save".

Zotero shows a single entry in this RSS feed while other RSS readers such as Liferea show the correct number of 15.

  • The feed is invalid, which you can see if you check it with the validator:
    This feed does not validate.

    line 29, column 6: media:group must have multiple media:content children (15 occurrences) [help]
    Testing the feed with multiple <media:content> elements within <media:group>, or with the <media:group> elements removed, Zotero adds all items.

    Admittedly this seems like it needn't be a fatal error, but the feed processor we use treats it as one. We might be able to fix that in the future with a switch to a different procsesor, but the proper fix would nevertheless be for them to fix their feed.
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