Migrating Zotero

When moving Zotero to a new device, which of the following methods is the most secure, reliable way to migrate? Should I simply install Zotero on the new device, log in to Zotero sync, and allow it to do it all the work? (I've got quite a large library, so I'm worried that this might leave room for sync errors to creep in?) Or should I copy the Zotero folder my user directory (on a Mac) on to the new device, then install Zotero, and expect it to run as normal? Will this method cause sync issues later on?
  • https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/transferring_a_library

    Either is fine, but if you can copy the data directory easily, do that. If you use syncing, you'll need to make sure you have enough storage space for the files.

    (If you're moving between Macs and haven't yet started to use the new one, I'd strongly recommend just using Migration Assistant to copy the whole system over without worrying about individual apps.)
  • Thanks @dstillman! I can easily copy the data directory over. I think that will probably be quicker than waiting for the files to sync across (i.e., download) to the new Mac. My only worry was that turning sync on for the new device would then cause sync issues, but I guess it being bit-for-bit identical means it shouldn't.
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