No more rss feed from a library ?

Hi !
I would like to connect a zotero library to another platform (discord, typically using IFTTT) so that I got a notification when a reference is added to the library.
I saw that on many tutorials of 2019 there is an RSS feed button existing, yet I cannot find anything on the most recent version.
Is there a way to get this feed / do this type of synchronization ?

  • You can switch to the old library view (click on your name at the top right) and get the RSS feed. It's still valid and will keep working.

    dstillman explained somewhere why they removed the feed button (not sure I agree with that decisions, but it's certainly true that RSS/Atom is being used much less from the browser)
  • It's now possible to subscribe to the feed in the new web library, the options is under three-dot menu in the toolbar.
  • (The current implementation prompts you to create a key even for a public library, but we'll fix that.)
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