I hope I can arrange articles according to their citations in Zotero

Zotero can be set to arrange articles according to year,add time,learned periodical ...
But I hope citations also can be seen directly and I can arrange my article according to the citations...
  • I'm not sure what you mean here. Can you give an example?
  • If you mean the number times that an item has been cited, you can install this plugin, which adds citation counts from Google Scholar to Extra, then sort by Extra:
  • Sorry , my English is not well ~ and my zotero is chinese version, so I don't know how to in English version . I try to give an example you may undetstand...

    I mean, I want to sort items accroding to their citation numbers, but if I clicked the sort icon to add a column 'citation number' , I can't find it in chinese version zotero. ( I can find column like Title, Attachments, Publish, Creator... but not include 'citation number'). So I want to add a kind 'citation number' in columns in 'sort icon' )

    Thanks for your answers... ( Besides, google scholar doesn't work well in china, so plugin 'zotero-scholar-citations' needs vpn, and google will ban the VPN ip, so I can only manually update items' citation numbers...)

  • Since the citation number of an item can change in any document, you can't sort items in Zotero based on them, sorry.
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