Problem on TAG synchronisation

Hi, I just proposed using Zotero as a shared bibliography manager for our institute, but I noticed that TAGS (Keywords) aren't being synced properly (syncing to my online library).

If I delete a TAG (keywords) in zotero on my computer, I notice that the TAG is still here on my online library. The tag is not delete on and if my TAG has a colour, the color is still here.

The TAG are not synced !! It's strange.
Can you help me please ?
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    Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero for reproducing this? Deleting a tag locally, syncing, and having the tag not disappear after you reload the online library?
  • Thank you for your answer.

    After deleting keywords in my local zotero computer I notice :
    1) When there are tags without any colour : everything is OK

    2) When there are tags with colour : the keywords always appears (in gray color) in my online libray. I can't click on but the tag is always present.

    I can't send you a screenshot in this box, it's annoying
    Thank you very much
  • I tried to reproduce the bug: Identification de compilation : 20200507114007
  • We would need a Debug ID for this occurring, not just a Report ID. See the linked instructions.
  • (4)(+0000000): DELETE FROM syncedSettings WHERE setting=? AND libraryID=? ['tagColors', 1]


    (3)(+0003183): Rendering tag selector


    (3)(+0002216): Refreshing items list for tVNjtvYe


    (4)(+0005974): INSERT INTO syncedSettings (setting, libraryID, value, version, synced) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?) ['tagColors', 1, '[{"name":"[…]","color":"#FF6666"}]', 0, 0]
    Could you share the exact steps you took there, or provide another Debug ID and document everything you clicked or pressed?

    From the log, it looks like you deleted the last colored tag but then it somehow was added back about 10 seconds later, before you synced.
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