Zotfile setup - Find all stored (not linked) attachments

Hello! I'm using Zotero with Zotfile to manage my linked attachments, which are stored in a folder that syncs with my OneDrive.

Everything works fine whenever I add an item to Zotero through the journal webpage. However, whenever I add a PDF directly, it gets stored in Zotero storage and does not get automatically moved and renamed by Zotfile. I understand this is expected behaviour.

I can then manually moved them by right clicking an item and choosing "Rename Attachments". That also works. But in the middle of a research session, it's natural that sometimes I miss some (because it opens the pdf in the browser directly), and I get some attachments stored in Zotero Storage while others are in the folder on OneDrive.

Is there any way I can search for "Stored Files" or "Non-linked files" on Zotero so I can periodically go through them and manually run Zotfile on them?
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