Can I use an external editor (Atom, VS Code etc.) instead of TintyMCE to edit notes?

edited December 25, 2020
I am looking for a way to edit my [child or standalone] notes in an external editor. I have no problem having TinyMCE as the default editor. But I want the ability to open the note in an external editor when I want to edit in a seperate window. Is there any way that I can do it?
  • This question has not been answered so far. Maybe I should re-iterate my question one last time before I give up the hope.
  • I'd be interested to know solutions people have found for this as well. The note editor inside Zotero just feels very limiting.
  • Do Atom/VSCode have WYSIWYG HTML editors? Or do you mean you want to edit the HTML source?
  • edited December 27, 2020
    To answer @emilianoheyns 's question, the ability to edit the HTML source in another editor would be fine.

    But it can be generalized. Why should the notes be in only HTML format? why can I not keep my notes in another format, let's say in MarkDown? As long as it is a text format, it should not be a problem.

    [If you insist that it should be stored as HTML for some reason, we can just surround the Markdown code with '<.p>{markdown code}<//p> ].

    So the general version of my question is: I wonder if I could take and edit my notes in an external editor with any text based markup language and store those notes as child or standalone note in Zotero?
  • I don't insist on anything. I am just working from the premise that current-day Zotero stores notes in HTML.
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