Easiest way to pull meta data from a website to a pdf/item?

I'm a relatively new Zotero user. I'm having some trouble with Zotero esp with pdfs that do not contain metadata.
For instance, a random citation of a Dutch uni i stumbled upon and want to refer to later:


Their pdf is stripped of metadata. But the webpage shows the correct data. But when I try to use the Zotero connector i get a snapshot of a webpage. Zotero does not treat it like it would on a Google Scholar reference (this file https://openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/handle/1887/18313 is not on google scholar).

So what would be the easiest quickest laziest solution for a case like this? This is only an example of course but I stumbled upon this often. DOIs seem to be impletended much later in many law systems.
  • I'm afraid there's not much to be done there, short of someone writing a translator for the site. The site does provide some embedded metadata, but it's bad quality, so Zotero can't use much of it directly. At least for me there's also an image URL that's hanging the page load, so you have to wait until that times out before Zotero will even detect the embedded metadata, and if you save it before then you'll get a generic webpage with almost no data. (Esc should normally work to trigger detection, but for some reason that's not working here.) If you wait, the data will be a little better, but not great.

    Best thing to do would be to ask the site administrators to improve their embedded metadata and fix the broken image.
  • Sorry if this is a necro, but how would i for instance pull this metadata in the easiest format?

  • Someone would have to write a translator. Most of the embedded metadata is in a custom "OVERHEID" schema. That's not something Zotero knows anything about.
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