Zotero date format for older publications

As you may know for many classic books the method of citation is to include the original date of publication within square brackets.
e.g. within a sentence I will cite Tonnies (1957 [1887]). This refers to Tonnies original work from 1887 which is republished in a 1957 edition.
In Zotero the year entry reads 1957[1887].
Unfortunately, when I generate a bibliography I only see 1957 as the date of publication.
I played around a bit with the format, but I can't seem to have Zotero give me the full output.
Thanks for suggestions on how to fix this!
  • Add the original date to the item in Extra like this:
    Original date: 1887

    If the style is set up to include Original date, Zotero will pick this up and format it correctly.
  • It worked. Thanks!

    Not sure why the full reference is now coming as

    Tonnies (1887) 1957

    Is there way I could reverse this? This is with the Chicago manual 17th ed.
  • That is the format the Chicago manual gives for reprinted books https://answers.library.curtin.edu.au/faq/121146
  • Oh, I see. I appreciate you digging up this link for me. Thanks!
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