Sorting by date not working in Chicago note-style bibliography

I have just discovered that if I try to create a Chicago note-style bibliography, the entries are all over the place in terms of dates (years of publication). In other words, if I have several entries for the same author, they will not be in the right chronological order. The only way I can get them in order is if I opt for the author-date style but that is not the style I need. Could someone kindly help. Could not find other discussions on this topic. Many thanks.
  • Chicago Bibliographies are sorted by title for the same authors. IIRC, the manual isn't particulary strict about this but prefers sorting by title (since the date isn't typically in the short notes, so it wouldn't be particularly helpful)
  • Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I realised after I sent the query that in note-style bibliographies the secondary sorting is done alphabetically by title. Thank you for confirming.
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