Zotfile missing parts of the text

I've been using Zotfile, which I discovered recently, and I use it mainly to extract the bits of texts that have highlighted (I sometimes add notes too).

Very often, it misses parts of the text, taking other bits instead. Is there anything I can do to improve the accuracy? It takes a lot of time to correct it, even when it's just an article. I can't imagine doing that for a whole book.
  • That comes down to the quality of the text recognition for the book in the PDF file. It sounds like the OCR text recognition in your book isn’t lined up well with the scanned image of the text.
    You can see this by copying and pasting the text manually out of the file.

    You might want to redo the text recognition in the file. You can also view the underlying text layer in the PDF and insert your highlights with that visible. https://theblog.adobe.com/hidden-gems-in-acrobat-dc-how-to-optimize-hidden-ocr-text/
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