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I changed jobs and no longer have my "primary" email for Zotero.

It seems, that to change the email, it has to be confirmed from the old email, but I no longer have access to that. How can I access my Zotero account and change the email?

Seems I also forgot my password!!
  • It seems, that to change the email, it has to be confirmed from the old email
    No, that's not the case. What makes you think that? You have to validate the new address, not the old one.

    You can reset your password from the new address once you validate it.
  • Thank you for responding!

    How can the new address be validated? it states that a verification email has been sent, but only to the "primary" email, which is my old email that I no longer have access to. I added an email, but it does not send any verification there.

    My password seems to be working fine. Now it's just the e-mail.

    Seems this is a time to talk to someone at Zotero!
  • It automatically sends a verification email to the new address when you add it. If you don't see it, check your spam folder.

    If you want to resend a verification email, click Resend under "Verification email sent" on the line for that address.

    If you're still having trouble with this, can you describe exactly what you see under Manage Email Addresses and explain where you're running into trouble?
  • Any normal account communications go to your primary address by default. The verification email when you add a new address goes that that address.
  • Where can you change the primary email address on your account? I was unable to see this setting in Profile or Email. Thanks!
  • I am having a similar problem with email verification. Manage Email Addresses reads "Verification email sent" but I am not receiving the verification email in my inbox (I checked spam and it isn't there either). I tried to resend several times but still have not received the verification email.
  • @eplgroups: Email with details.
  • Thanks for your quick reply. I just emailed support.
  • @eplgroups: We responded, but just in case you're not receiving any emails from us, I'll note here as well that we've manually validated your account while you sort out the email issues with your email server administrator.
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