Adding Journal to Zotero

Does anyone know if there is a way to add journals to Zotero? I know how to add a journal article, but I would like to add a Journal using the ISSN.

  • There currently isn’t a great item type for whole journals. A “Periodical” type is planned for an upcoming version. For now, I suggest importing a journal article, then moving the Journal Title to the main Title field, removing the article-specific metadata, and adding the Editor.

    I don’t think that importing by ISSN is likely. It’s ambiguous what exactly a user would want with that—the entire run of the journal, just a specific year range (e.g., a specific editor’s tenure), etc.
  • I have the same problem, there are many journals that have papers written for them and I would like to reference them, currently, I have to manually drag a pdf into Zotero and manually edit it to add title, page and author.
  • I think your issue is different.
    OP is asking about WHOLE issues of a journal.

    It seems like you have .pdfs of articles. After dragging them into Zotero, right click on them and choose "Retrieve Metadata for PDF". This will try to gather the embedded metadata from the pdf.
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