"Rename file from parent metadata" fails silently for opened PDFs

Zotero 2.0b6.5 rename from parent metadata-feature seems to fail silently when I try to rename a PDF that is opened in Firefox (Windows XP, Firefox 3.5.2).

Also, the renaming feature doesn't catch on when case-changes have been made in the library (e.g. changing the author name from uppercase to lowercase) under Windows.
  • Was anyone planning on addressing this? I have found that, even when the file is not open, the rename feature is buggy: files may get renamed in fact, while the new name often does not appear in the center pane. Expanding and unexpanding the entry has no effect. Closing and opening Zotero has no effect. Closing and reopening Firefox entirely may work but not ideal. Great feature, but obviously there are some outstanding issues here.
  • that is a different issue and not actually a bug (though debated and will probably be changed, because it leads to misunderstandings such as yours):
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