download to excell

Is there any REASONABLE way to download my database to a simple, normal, easy to handle Excell spreadsheet? Without getting a degree on computer sciences before, and in order to do it?
  • An export as CSV is fairly complicated because of the level of detail, but that just reflects what's in your library. You can hide or delete columns as needed. The only way to simplify it would be to remove information. (The one piece that is tricky is how Zotero stores creators like authors, because it allows for multiple authors and therefore has a lot of information packed into one place, but that's a technical limitation of allowing multiple authors, so I'm not sure what alternative there would be.)

    Maybe generating another type of report would be easier than Excel? Or exporting to another format that would allow you to visualize your database? Zotero makes it easy to export to a wide variety of formats, so if you know of any software that exports in an easier format you could probably export via that as an intermediate step.
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