Format DIN 1505-2 (alphanumeric, German) - standard superseded by ISO-690

I'm having difficulties to format the author label in the 'DIN 1505-2 (alphanumeric, German) - standard superseded by ISO-690' bibliography.

The format uses four characters plus year inside brackets. E.g. Author 2019 = [Auth19]

My goal is to reduce the name with to characters. E.g. [Au19]

I am also noticing with multiple authors (E.g three, the first author is presented two characters, instead of one, as the other authors after. E.g. [AuBC19]
I wish to format this without the second character in the first autors name. E.g. [ABC19]

I've tried to experiment within the 'citation'-bracketswith 'et-al-min', 'et-al-use-first' and 'form'. And within the '<macro name="author ..'-brackets

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Source code:
  • You can't define the format for the citation label in the CSL, I'm afraid.
    You can manually define the label in Zotero's Extra field using
    citation-label: ABC19
    as a workaround (the citation style will pick that up) but obviously that requires you to manually generate that label for every item.
  • Thank you for your reply adamsmith.

    If I were to change the format at a later time, where would be a good place to start looking? If I understand this correct, to shorten the authors name to only two characters, it is impossible to do it in the downloaded .csl-file. Does the change require changing the surce code of Zotero?

    (Sorry for possibley noobish questions, I'm new to Zotero).

    Thank you in advance!
  • No, you'd neither change the .csl style sheet nor anything with the software that is Zotero.
    You will have to manually change the data for every item within your Zotero library.
    That is the only way possible.
  • I understand. Thank your for quick reply!
  • If you wanted to change the automatic algorithm to change the format, though, that would indeed be in the Zotero (or technically: citeproc-js, which is part of Zotero) source code.
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