Getting back to version 1

I wanted to get from version sbeta to version 1.
How do I do that ? I have tried to put it away through the firefox adds on and install the 1st version but I get an error message.
  • The zotero database is not backwards compatible. You will have to restore it from your backup or start with a fresh database. If you did not make a backup, you may retain some (but not all) of your data by exporting it & then importing it into 1.0

    Why do you wish to downgrade?
  • The reason I wanted to downgrade was written two posts below this one.

    I had a backup. But each time i try to start the zotero i get an error message. The zotero icon on the right lower side of the firefox as also e yellow exclamation sign.
  • some one ? any idea ? thanks.
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    --- better to follow Dan's instructions ---
  • If you have existing documents created with the word processor plugins, you won't want to use RDF export/import, as you'll lose all links to items.

    If you can provide more info on the error you're getting when you try to use your backup library with 1.0, we can probably help. Reinstall 1.0, swap in a copy of your backup library, and, if you're getting an error, follow the steps in the Advanced Instructions section of the Reporting Bugs page and let us know what appears in the error console.

    You might want to read through the Zotero Data page first to make sure you're copying the right stuff to the right location.
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