Feature Request: Flag/Marker for Review Articles

edited April 21, 2020
Hello, all -

Just a thought: Any chance of adding a flag/marker of some kind for review articles? This could either be a manually set marker, or one that activates automatically for any item with a "Reviewed Author" field.

Maybe this could appear as an extra optional column in the central Zotero list view. So it's easy to discern review articles from other types at a glance, and presumably one could also search for items with the flag set.

Thank you for consideration of this. With appreciation for all the years of evolution and development already evident in this software.

(Addendum: just realized that I could simply create a tag for "Book Review" or "Review". That would work for filtering the reviews. Still would be nice to have it as a visible flag in the column central list browser, though)
  • @bwiernik Yes, thank you for that; I've just been implementing colored tags. Colored tags are a great feature. I might run out of colored tags soon though (maximum # is 6?), as I'm finding many uses for them.

    I've already just assigned:
    1 - green = READ!
    2 - blue = partially read, read more (a yellow color would be useful for this!)
    3 - red = (already) READ

    I was thinking to use the remaining ones for research topic areas (e.g. skepticism), but then I will definitely run out.
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