Faux doublons avec ISBN différents

Mystère... J'ai quelques faux doublons (false duplicates) et j'aimerais bien corriger le proplème à la source. Merci!

Exemple: Un un livre et un chapitre. Ils n'ont pas le même doi, ni le même isbn

Guerin, B. (2009). Social facilitation (éd. orig. 1993). Cambridge University Press. http://ebooks.cambridge.org/ref/id/CBO9780511628214
ISBN 978-0-521-11979-5

Guerin, B. (2010). Social Facilitation. Dans The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology. John Wiley & Sons. https://doi.org/10.1002/9780470479216.corpsy0890
ISBN 978-0-470-47921-6

  • Faux doublons avec ISBN différents
  • Since the same book can have different ISBNs (e.g., the ISBN-10 an ISBN-13 but also some other circumstances) Zotero doesn't use the ISBN to exclude items as duplicates. So it uses same author, same title here to mark something as a duplicate. Currently nothing you can do about it other than to ignore it.
  • @adamsmith, thanks for that clarification. ISBN is listed as a field Zotero uses to determine duplicates as of 2017.

    Having just come across the same thing, I noticed this thread and tried to register for a wiki account to update that page to eliminate ISBN as a listed criterion per your comment, but I was told the page was read only and that I needed to contact an administrator. :-)
  • @dstark: No, that's a misunderstanding, and the documentation is correct. Zotero uses ISBNs to match items. It doesn't use them to exclude matches.
  • @dstillman, thanks. Apparently, I had misunderstood that using ISBNs to match necessarily meant excluding as matches resources with different ISBNs.

    This looks to be why, then, two resources can have different ISBNs and still come up matched as duplicates provided that enough other information in the two records is identical, is that right?
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