Google Docs Citation with German Umlaute creates Latex Format

i currently want to cite German Authors with the help of the Zotero Google Docs Plugin. But when i select an Author in the Classic Editor View and select multiple Authors who has an German Umlaut in there it formats it in an Latex syntax:
(Klein, Angelika, Dr. & Heu\uc0\u223{}ner, J\uc0\u252{}rgen, Dipl.-Ing., 2006 nach {\i{}P\uc0\u252{}nktlichkeit als Qualit\uc0\u228{}tsmerkmal des \uc0\u214{}PNV}, 2007)

This does not occur when using the new View with the red bar.

Any Clues?
  • (It's raw RTF, not LaTeX.)

    Inserting via the classic dialog shouldn't make a difference. Are you editing the citation somehow, or just selecting it from the items list?

    Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero (not the Zotero Connector) for this happening?

    Can you reproduce this if you create a new item by hand, manually type in info, and then try to insert it into a new Google Docs document? If so, can you provide the simplest possible steps to reproduce? If you can reproduce this after saving an item from a given URL, that would also work — we just need to be able to try it ourselves.
  • Yes i am editing the Citation.

    Here is the ID: D2052679021

    I am using the German Translation so some things can be named differently, i am just translating them.

    0. Save an Article or something else with German Umlaute eg. this page using the Zotero Connector

    1. Open google Document
    2. Click on Zotero Menu and on Add Citation
    3. Switch in the Input Bar to the Classic View
    4. Choose an Entry of the List and make sure it has German Umlaute in the Author. I am using "Heußner, Jürgen, Dipl.-Ing., 2006"
    5. Select "Show Editor" and edit the Citation with some extra charcters anywhere in the Citation.
    6. Click "OK" to add citation to the Google Document

    I hope this reproduces it.
  • Don't use show editor. If you want to edit the citation (which you should try to avoid if at all possible), do so directly in the word processor.
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