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edited April 17, 2020
Dear Zotero community
I experiment with using Zotero as a QDA tool. Therefore I also keep some of my research data in the Zotero library. I have been using tags to assign topics to content in notes and sources. I copy material from a source document and add topics to the notes with tags. Previously when I searched for a topic in the tag selector in the main library I would get a list of all the sources with collapsed notes under them that highlighted in what particular note I could find a specific tag. This was a good way to work with and organize the material. When I use the tag selector now It seems like only tags assigned to sources and not notes appear. Is this a change in a later update? Are there ways to enable the tag selector to search for notes?

Is the only alternative to use the advanced search tool where I do find this functionality i.e. sources with collapsed notes? The problem with the advanced search is that I experience that I don´t get a good overview as with the tag selector. I cannot see the right hand info pane for instance. Thanks in advance.
  • It's not a change. It's dependent on the mode selected in the search bar in the Zotero toolbar, which sets the scope. If set to "Title, Creator, Year", only top-level items will match. If set to "All Fields & Tags" or "Everything", child items will match as well.

    At least on a Mac, you have to press Return after changing the mode, which is arguably a bug.
  • Sorry, you were right — this was an unintentional change in 5.0.83.

    I've restored the previous behavior in the latest Zotero beta.
  • Ok, I am glad to have contributed to highlight this. I can live with it until the next version.
  • Fixed now in 5.0.86.
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