Why can I drag pdfs into certain groups but not into others?

It seems to me I had read an answer to this question already a while back, but I can't find it back. Same pdfs. And I can drag them easily into some groups (where most of them will also elegantly resolve), but not into others. Can somebody please still explain what the problem is here, and (more importantly :) ) how we can solve it! Thanks much
  • [Answering my own question] - It turns out it was a public group. Changed it to private, and it works like a charm now. Sorry! But maybe somebody else in the future may still find the answer useful :)
  • edited April 14, 2020
    The group settings have to allow file editing, and you have to be in the group that it's allowed for (admins vs. members). Nothing specific to dragging — you should see the same if you try to use "Store Copy of File".
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