Personalized style : "space" added before the quotation

Hey there,

I personalized a style which is almost perfect to me appart from one thing : there is an unwanted space before the parenthesis before the parenthesis that contains the author's name.
For example, "bla bla bla" [space](authors...).
It doesn't act this way with other styles, so I think there's something wrong with my style.
Would you know where shall look in the style editor, so I can remove this unwanted space?
Thank you,

  • You'd need to tell us which style that is.
    If it's a general mistake then we'll fix that on our side.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    The style is : Le tapuscrit (École des hautes études en sciences sociales) (author-date, French)
    I then modified it a little bit so it suits me better, but this spacing problem is already existing in this original style.
  • Thanks. There is indeed a space programmed into the style. I've submitted a fix for review. Maybe there is a reason for it. We'll see what the others say.

  • Thanks for reviewing it.
    I changed it on my personalized adaptation of that style, and it works.
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