Compare two libraries to find exclusive items

Does anyone have a script to compare two libraries and list items existing in one but missing in other? I want to compare one of my group libraries to My Library. The group libraries has a half-dozen more items than My Library and I would like to know which items are in my Group library but missing in My Library. I probably deleted these items from My Library and would like to delete them from the Group Library, too.
  • Export to CSV and sort by title (or read into R and remove all duplicates)?
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    Thanks. In the absence of a better solution, I can use this approach. There might be instances where I fixed the formatting or an error in the title and that might cause the title match to be somewhat less accurate. There are a couple thousand articles.

    @danstillman provided a script in a different post that identified items that had a one-to-many relationship, and that helped a lot.

    I was wondering if that script or a similar script can find instances of one-to-none relationship (that is, an item in a group that has no counterpart in My Library)? Important point: all the items in the group are created by drag-drop from My Library.
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