Adding DOI in Bibliography of code in CSL for Journal Named 'Sustainability"

Hello Everyone,
I want to follow the citation/reference style of the journal named "Sustainability". I have found the following code from the "Zotero Style Repository" in CSL format. Previously "Sustainability" was not much focusing on the DOI. But now the journal requires to have DOI in the bibliography/reference list. I have imported/entered the DOI of all my 161 research papers in Zotero Library (The DOI number also shown when I choose the APA format or IEEE etc format in the bibliography but not in the "Sustainability" format because DOI was not added in the code/CSL file).
I am very beginner in programming as someone told me to add (text variable="doi"/) for DOI, but I don't know, how and where to add it fo get the DOI.
Kindly anyone guide/change the following code so that I can get the DOI without changing the rest of the reference format;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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I want to have in the following style

Almeida, H.; Campello, M.; Cunha, I.; Weisbach, M.S. Corporate Liquidity Management: A Conceptual Framework and Survey. Annu. Rev. Financ. Econ. 2014, 6, 135–162. doi: 10/ggqwgh.
Kindly guide, and Thank you and waiting for early response.
  • Hi,

    The citation style for sustainability is a dependent style that only links to multidisciplinary-digital-publishing-institute.csl.

    MDPI actually maintains their citation style themselves (which is great) and they removed the DOI back in 2018. (see here
    We have had questions about the DOI before as their guidelines still seem to show those.

    That said, just looking at their papers it still shows DOIs. E.g.:

    @adamsmith and @Rintze , what do we make of this?
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    @damnation, could you create a pull request to add back DOIs? MDPI never got back to us when I asked them about this (, so let's just make the change.
  • Thank you for your concern and response. Furthermore, from the follwing weblink of the MDPI, you can see that they are demanding for the DOI:

    It is mentioned that..

    ""Quick Reference Formatting Guide
    Journal references must cite the full title of the paper, page range or article number, and digital object identifier (DOI) where available. Cited journals should be abbreviated according to ISO 4 rules, see the ISSN Center's List of Title Word Abbreviations or CAS's Core Journals List. Note: If you are not sure how to abbreviate a particular journal title, please leave the entire title. The Editorial Office will abbreviate those journal titles appropriately.
    8. Bowman, C.M.; Landee, F.A.; Reslock, M.A. Chemically Oriented Storage and Retrieval System. 1. Storage and Verification of Structural Information. J. Chem. Doc. 1967, 7, 43-47; DOI:10.1021/c160024a013.""

    I shall be thankful if you change the code in CSL and include the doi number in short form such as "doi: 10/ggqwgh."
    I am waiting so that I can update the CSL file and able to get the reference list with DOI in "Sustainability' format.

    Thank you
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