Translator problem : is there a block to duplicate download? Can I turn it off?

When I am on the Hindawi site and I click the import icon it results in downloading a webpage version. If I try to right-click to select the DOI import option I am not offered the expected dropdown menu but one that includes items such as "manage extension". If i return to the page several minutes later I can get a dropdown that offers import options including the DOI option.

For example: 10.1155/2020/2593410

Firefox 74.0
Mac 10.15.4 (19E266)
  • The only thing that should change after you save once is that left-clicking again brings up the previous save popup without resaving, to allow you to move the item to a different collection or library. The context menu isn't affected. I'm guessing you're just overlooking the Save to Zotero menu at the top of it. If you think that's not the case, we'd want to see a screenshot that shows that missing. Note that "Manage Extension" always appears in that menu.

    Reloading the page resets the behavior so that left-clicking saves again using the primary translator.

    (This also looks like a regression for Hindawi. It's using embedded metadata from the site, but a test for another URL expects a journal article, suggesting that either the metadata they were previously providing resulted in a journal article being saved or a change to the Embedded Metadata translator broke that. @zuphilip or @adamsmith might know what's up here.)
  • This looks like a problem with EM -- the type set based on highwire gets "overruled" by the RDF translator here: Metadata.js#L348

    I don't think that should be the case.
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