Missing items in recursive export

I used the recursive flag to show all subcollection items in my top level collection; i have numerous subcollections. On screen, there are maybe 900-1000 items showing in the top level. when I export I get about 300. and when I check, some items that are located in subcollections are not exported (I search and cannot find them, even though they are visible in the top collection onscreen).
  • This is from vague memory, but IIRC the translators that have "getCollections" on do recursive exports. Try BibTeX or RIS to see if you get all your items.
  • Thanks emiliano.

    Seems like BibTex does generate output with all items - but it's in a format that is not very user friendly. I was hoping for CSV or at least something that is relatively easy to parse in word or excel...
  • Bibtex is very friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are :) You might be able to get that with just adding getcollections to the csv translator header. Have not tested.
  • You can just do select all (ctrl+a) --> right-click --> Export selected items in the middle panel instead of exporting the collection.
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