Not syncing over WebDAV, debug ID D678865918

Not all my files are syncing. I use WebDAV. I made a logfile with debug ID D678865918.
  • edited April 7, 2020
    (3)(+0000001): Checking response entry /homes/[…]/zotero/

    (3)(+0000000): Checking response entry /homes/[…]/zotero/styles/

    (1)(+0000001): Error: Unexpected href '/homes/[…]/zotero/styles/'
    It looks like your WebDAV address is pointing to a copy of a Zotero data directory (which also contains various .prop/.zip files from WebDAV file syncing). That's absolutely wrong, and you'll need to correct that.
  • Thanks. You're right. I probably messed it up moving from one server to another. Fixed it and completely recopied my local Zotero data from the fixed server. It all seems fine now.
  • How can I mark this post as solved? Or isn't that necessary?
  • Not necessary (and not helpful — title changes make it harder to follow threads).
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