Help amending citation presets please


I currently have a referencing style in Zotero entitled “Equine Veterinary Education”.
I need to make the following adaptions, please could someone help me to do this?

Many thanks in advance!

•In- text references with multiple authors should be italicised “et al.” rather than “and others”.

•In the bibliography, when multiple authors are listed in one reference the word “and” should appear between the last two authors.

For book sections:
o Italicise book title
o Include the edition after the book title
o Add a “:” after “In” when listing the book title

For conference proceedings:
o Italicise conference name and proceedings name
o Remove the “In” which precedes conference proceeding titles
o Remove the “pp” associated with the page numbers

  • Hi,

    Are these amendments needed as the style is incorrect or because this is just a personal style you want to create?
  • Thank you for your reply. Most of these changes are desired because the existing formats are incorrect for the journal. With regards to the conference proceedings, the style requirements are not listed in the journal's "author guidelines" but the requested changes are in line with those used in previously published articles in this journal. Many thanks
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    The style is quite out of date and switched to a numeric style.
    I'll submit a fix. I'll post here once that is accepted. No need for you to fix the style.

    Can you give the example that was given for a conference paper?
  • Ok, thank you very much for your assistance. What sort of time frame will it be for the fix to be done?
  • 2-3 days.

    Please paste that conference paper here, so I can include that in the style fix.

    And for your understanding. These styles are used by thousands of people around the globe. It's always better to report the errors so they can be fixed or supply the fix yourself via the repository on GitHub. Then the whole community has something from it and not just you as a single researcher. ;)
  • Okedoke, no problem, thank you very much!

    If I understand you correctly it's an example of a conference proceeding reference form the journal that you would like? Please find below.

    Durkes, T.E. (1999) Gold bead implantation in small animals. Proc. Annu. Int. Congr. Vet. Acupunct. 25, 1‐ 5. (volume in bold, conference proceedings title italicised)
  • That just looks like a journal article. Switch that to "Journal Article" and with the new style it'll be printed correctly. (Proceedings are different from Conference Papers)

    You can already use this style. Note however, that as long as it's not merged to the repository it might switch back to the old one. Make sure to apply the style before submitting the paper again.
    (let me know if you find any errors)

    Right click, save as, install in Zotero.
  • Hello, thank you very much for your quick assistance. Unfortunately a number of things have changed which weren't meant to-The in- text references were meant to be "author et al. date" but now they have become numbers. Also the bibliography is meant to be in alphabetical order, but it has now turned to number order. Additionally some strange letters have appeared inside the date brackets e.g the "a" and the "e" here:

    Schott, H.C., Gallant, L., Coyne, M., Murphy, R., Cross, J., Strong-Townsend, M., Yerramilli, M., and Li, J. (2018ae) Symmetric dimethylarginine and creatinine concentrations in draft breed horses. In: 11th Annual European College of Equine Internal Medicine Congress.

    Help please!
  • Usually we base the citation styles on actual papers, the .PDFs of those in particular.
    If you have a look at recent issues of this journals you can see how they use a numeric style.
    That's what I di (and actually already had said above).
    Guidelines are often outdated, especially for Wiley journals).
  • Hi, thank you for your reply. Perhaps it depends on the type of article being written, I am writing a review article and the last three review articles in this journal are written in the referencing format that I suggested (which is in line with the author guidelines). What now? Many thanks, Zoe
  • Could you clarify this with the editors? Haven't seen something like this before. Those review articles are all from within the last 6 months?
  • Forgive me but is there any possibility that you might be looking at a different journal? e.g Equine Veterinary Journal, which people commonly mix up. It's just that every article in the most recent issue of this journal is written in the format that I suggested, which is in line with the author guidelines. Many thanks.
  • I actually did... I remembered an article on Fasciola hepatica.
    Don't worry. I'm working on fixing it.
  • Okedoke, thanks so much!
  • Hi, nothing seems to have changed...unless the issue is me integrating it. When I right click I don't have a "right click, save as install" option that you describe, I have either "save link as" then you have to pick a file to save it in, or "save to Zotero". The latter is what I did last time and your changes appeared then, but this time I've tried that and nothing's changed. Any thoughts please? Thanks
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    Certainly your "installing". Haha

    Save the link as. Then it downloads and you have a .csl file. Then a double click that file and it will install it.
    Otherwise you can add the .csl under preferences somewhere. (Cite pane, I think)

    Edit: Rintze was so nice and merged the style already.
  • Hi, thank you so much.

    There are just one or two small things...The bibliography needs to be in alphabetical order please. Also, there should be "."s after each abbreviated word in the journal titles, they are there in the citation manager, but they do not appear in the bibliography now. Also doi' are appearing in the bibliography, but they are not meant to. Thank you!
  • Hi,

    DOIs: as per their guidelines:
    "The editor and publisher recommend that citation of online published papers and other material should be done via a DOI (digital object identifier), which all reputable online published material should have - see for more information. If an author cites anything that does not have a DOI, they run the risk of the cited material not being traceable."

    I've programmed it now that it only shows those of items without volume and page (=unpublished)

    Sort Bibliography: fixed

    Journal abbreviation: It already does that. Example:
    Campbell, J.L. and Pedersen, O.K. (2007) The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp. Polit. Stud. 40, 307–332.

    Check if you have "Use MEDLINE abbreviations" under Document preferences checked. Otherwise it uses yor Journal Abbreviation field from within Zotero.
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