Having to Reset Password Daily?

I am asking if anyone is having to reset your passord to the forum/websites parts on a daily basis?
History: I am using FireFox as my Browser as required by most of my higher edu for researching. I am on a Windows 10 system with all the latest and greatest protections and tools.
Could some here in the forums respond as to where I can be looking to resolve this delema that has become credical.
Thanks for everyones time.
  • Can you describe exactly what happens? So far it is not clear why you would need to reset your password daily, what the error is, if it is reproducible somehow etc. The more detail, the better.
  • Long and short of it is; In order to gain access to the Zotero site or Sync of my data I must go throught and recreat a "New" password. The interface never remembers who I am when I place my information in the fields. I have even tried to save them in my "Password Management Software" an then use the saved data, without luck. Thanks for asking and mybe showing me the path to correction.
  • This still doesn't really make sense. First, are you talking about the website ("forum/websites") or are you talking about the Zotero app ("Sync of my data")? What "interface" are you referring to that isn't remembering your password?

    And if you're being logged out of either the website or syncing in the app, that would be a problem, but it certainly wouldn't mean that you had to create a new password.

    Can you explain exactly what you're trying and what's happening? See Steps to Reproduce for the kind of information we need.
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