Other than Ctrl+Tab to change between tabs in the right pane

Currently in 2.0b6.4, when I'm working in Zotero right pane, Ctrl+Tab & Ctrl+Shift+Tab changes the tab shown in that pane. However, I think many would have long been adapted to using Ctrl+Tab to change between the Firefox tabs, and this is sometimes confusing.

One may need to see other Firefox tabs no less when they are using Zotero tabs. For example, you may have Google Scholar in one tab, and full-text article in another. After reading some part of the full-text article, you import it and add some tags. Then you should change back to Google Scholar tab, but you cannot use Ctrl+Shift+Tab, because it will only change the tab shown in the Zotero right pane from 'Tags' to 'Attachments.'

How about allocating a different shortcut for changing between Zotero tabs, like Ctrl+Alt+S, etc.? Most preferably, it could be customizable as other shortcut keys.
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