Multiple Duplication Reference List

This happens with many of my documents in google drive. I add a new citation and my references list recreates itself like 10 time and makes a document that was 25 pages 150. Can anyone please assist?

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    What exactly are you doing when this occurs? Are you just using Add/Edit Citation or doing something else?
  • I am using Add/Edit citation
  • Do you have track changes on?
  • In the document on google drive or in Zotero. This just happened with this particular document which I’ve been working on for weeks.
  • @adomasven will need to look into this.

    If you're able to reproduce this reliably in an excerpt of the Google Doc that you don't mind sharing, send it to and we can take a look.
  • You sent an .odt copy of the document, but we'd need you to share an actual Google Doc that you can reproduce this in. (Again, an excerpt is fine, as long as you can reproduce the problem. We don't need to see your entire document.)
  • @reneeohikuare what citation style are you using?
  • @adomasven I am using APA 7th Edition

    @dstillman it doesn't make sense to send an excerpt because this occurs with large documents. This isn't the first time that this has happened to me, the only reason why I'm making a comment about it is because I'm working on my dissertation on google docs.
  • Since we can't reproduce this ourselves, the best way to help us fix this is by providing an example document in which you can get it to occur. It doesn't have to be a full or real document.

    1) If you make a copy of the Google Doc, can you reliably get this to happen in the copy?

    2) If so, if you cut the document in half, can you still get it to happen? If so, how many times do you have to cut the document in half before it stops happening?
  • @reneeohikuare: OK, we got the document you sent — thanks. We'll take a look.
  • @reneeohikuare Did you transfer this document from LibreOffice to Google Docs? Did the document already have a bibliography when you worked on it in LibreOffice? To fix the problem you should remove the bibliography completely and reinsert it from the Zotero menu.
  • @dstillman Thank you!

    @adomasven I only work in google docs. There was no transfer of a document of bibiliography.
  • Also, don't know if it matters, but I'm working on a mac. I removed the duplicated reference lists to where I just have one list and then copied the document on google drive and even downloaded it to a Word doc and the same thing happened where it replicated.
  • You need to fully remove the bibliography. Do not leave even a single list. The bibliography is corrupt, which is what causing the issue in the first place. You need to remove it completely and reinsert.

    I am not sure what you're saying about downloading the document into a Word doc. Did you follow the transfer procedure? If you simply downloaded the Google Docs document then any Zotero citations wouldn't have been active since Google Docs and Word citations are not directly compatible.
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