Enhancing "double clicking on the item" feature

Consider the following scenario: there is a book with several chapters (or conference proceedings with many contributions). The book itself as well as each chapter are saved as separate items in Zotero. All chapter items are linked to the book item (a very convenient Zotero feature, by the way).

The PDF of a whole book is available and is attached to the corresponding item. Creating PDF for each section is possible, but redundant, so let's consider that all chapter items are without attachments.

The question is what should happen when double clicking on the chapter item. The logical way will be to open PDF of the whole book. But it is not clear how this can be done. Extending the existing logic of double-click to look at the linked items as well is probably too complicated. So I propose to implement some way to manually choose what PDF (from the Zotero database) or URL should be opened on double-click. This will also provide workaround in cases when automatic logic chooses not the most suitable option.
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