Inconsistency between in text reference vs zotero item

edited March 27, 2020
Hi, I have tried everything I can but I cannot remove this (Tokyo) from the journal abbreviation that is showing in text.

The weird thing is that does not exist in the zotero item.

What can I do?
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    This also happens here with the title word 'populations'
  • Still having problems with this, any ideas @adomasven ?
  • Please don’t @ random people. The issue here is that the list of automatic MEDLINE abbreviations that Zotero uses includes the journal location for some journals where multiple different publications with the same name exist. In Word, in the Document Preferences window in the Zotero tab, uncheck the “Use MEDLINE journal abbreviations” box to use the values in the Journal Abbr field instead.

    @adamsmith Would we want to edit the list for these two examples as well, like was done for Biochemistry?
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    @bwiernik I appologise if that was rude. I am submitting my PhD thesis on this Monday so I am a bit stressed.

    Thank you for that tip, however I'm afraid that I'll have to go through over 300 refs now (again) to check if the journals are abbreviated correctly.

    Even though the first one go corrected, the second problem still persists (the 'popu-lations' in the title).

    Moreover, If I have defined a Journal abbreviation in the zotero field, shouldn't zotero use that and then fall back to using it's own MEDLINE recommendations if there is nothing in the abbreviation field?
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