sort web library with call number

It would be really useful to be able to sort the web library according to call numbers. I use call numbers to view my references with the highest number on top. If I want to use the web and private lists indistinctly---isn't that for why they are synchronized anyway?---that would really help.
  • Thank you for you suggestions, unfortunately this is not possible in the web library yet, however it works perfectly fine in the desktop client which we always recommend for day-to-day work.

    I agree that it would be useful addition to the functionality of web library, hence I've created github issue to track this enhancement.

  • I second this! I’d love to have my personal library sortable by call number online.
  • This is coming very soon (within days)
  • That’s great! I’m so looking forward to that feature.
  • As of most recent release we've introduced few more sortable columns, you should now be able to sort by Call Number in the web library.
  • Indeed it does. Library of Congress Catalog Call Numbers, here I come! Thanks so much!
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