Report ID 42306002: Edited Style does not remain in Style Manager after restarting Zotero

My Styles Manager contains the 'Open University - Harvard' Style from the Zotero catalogue (2018-05-18 15.08.41).

After editing the OU Harvard Style to: (1) cite no more than 10 authors before 'et al' in the bibliography; (2) cite both in-text and in bibliography the 'et al' in italic font, I uploaded the newly named .csl file to my Style Manager. I then checked the Style using Preview Style and it did (1) and (2) as required.

On exiting Zotero and restarting, the edited Style and its changes are lost.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Edit a Style (so that Style Preview will be noticeably different)
2. Add Style to Style Manager
3. Check Style works as expected after editing using Style Preview
4. Close down Zotero
5. Re-start Zotero
6. Try to Preview Style to see if edit still works.

No error messages are seen.

This error is happening for other students I have contact with through the Open University.

My system: Mac IOS 10.14.6; Zotero 5.0.85
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    If you're editing an official style, you need to change the <id> or else the style may be overwritten. (I wouldn't necessarily expect that to happen immediately, but it could happen if Zotero updated when you restarted.)
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    Hi dstillman,

    I have changed the < id > and the problem does seem to have been rectified - however, I was helping out a colleague so I will wait and see if the issue has been resolved for them before confirming here that the issue is closed.

    Thanks for your help so far,
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    Issue Closed

    Changing the < id > was the solution. Thanks for the advice.

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